Door Mats in Health and Safety Row

A door mat has been at the center of a row between Bedford Council and a tennant regarding health and safety regulations in a story published in the Daily Mail online ...

The story says :
"It can't spray graffiti, shout at neighbours or play loud music. So a family were bewildered when their doormat was issued with an eviction notice.The offending door mat was covered in warning tape and plastered with a sign reading 'move it or lose it' after their housing association said it was a health and safety hazard."
In this world of health and safety gone made it sadly does not surprise us that something as simple as a door mat causes problems like this. But lets be realistic. There are far more things that could be more hazardous to health than a doormat!
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Date : 24-10-2014

Door Mats in Health and Safety Row


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