Stitched Edge, Latex Edge & PVC Backed Coir MatsAll Natural Plain Coir Doormats

A range of plain coir doormats with different thicknesses, edge finishes and backings. All of which are available in various sizes from 60 x 35cm up to 120 x 75cm. For larger, custom sized coir doormats click here to enter your own dimensions but for odd shapes it's best to contact us! We have three different options for you:

Hand Stitched Edge in Economy, Standard & Superior Coir Grades

Choose from our super hand stitched edge coir doormats composing of our economy, standard and superior range. All of which are made from 100% natural, renewable resources.

Bonded Latex Edge Coir Matting

Next, we have our coir brush doormats with latex bonded edges for a more modern finish. These mats are tightly woven by a machine to create a highly durable mat while still being made from all natural, 100% renewable resources.

PVC Backed Coir Matting

Lastly, is our excellent value PVC backed coir matting that can easily be trimmed to size using a utility knife. This allows you to fit your mat precisely in place and allows you to create curves and other shapes too!

Although plain, these doormats are sure to make the entrance of your building a cut above the rest!

Make a great first impression - make it with Doormats4You!

Plain Coir Doormats
ECONOMY Coir Doormats - 44mm and 50mm Thick
Plain Coir Doormats
STANDARD Coir Doormats - 18mm Thick
Plain Coir Doormats
SUPERIOR Coir Doormats - 45mm Thick
Plain Coir Doormats
BONDED LATEX EDGE Coir Doormats - 20mm Thick
Plain Coir Doormats
PVC BACKED Coir Doormats - 17, 20, 24 and 30mm Thick