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Decorative Scrapa Mat - Beige/Brown Stripe

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Decorative Scrapa Mat - Beige/Brown Stripe

A fantastic decorative beige / brown striped door mat. They are incredibly absorbent and able to trap dirt and water like magic! This mat has a flexible vinyl backing & border to prevent slips and skidding even on hard floors!

Mat Dimensions : 1200mm x 800mm and 800mm x 600mm
Available Thickness : 7mm

Features :

  • 100% polypropylene
  • Soft microfibres
  • Anti slip vinyl back ™ & border
  • Clean by shaking or use a vacuum cleaner
  • Multi-functional use
  • 7mm cut pile

Please note: the manufacturer recommends these mats should be cleaned with the hoover or shaking not with the washing machine.

Rubber Edged Washable Mats

These mats have an absolutely magnetic attraction to dirt and water! Made from super soft 7mm polyamide micro-fibres, these mats feel great under foot meaning they can be positioned in many more places that just your entrance-way including the kitchen, bathroom, stair bottom you name it! The mats are rubber edges and backed so they do not slide even on hard floors making them very safe to use. Available in a fantastic selection of designs and colours from designer leopard print to absolutely gorgeous velvet finishes in some of the best colours available… all at excellent price points too!

Category: Doormat
Colour: Beige / Brown
Pattern / Design: Striped
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Width: 600mm , 800mm
Length: 800mm , 1200mm
Depth (thickness): 7mm
Backing: Anti slip vinyl back ™ & border
Use: Indoor and covered area use

Most of our rubber edged mats are machine washable (check individual mat features) and in fact those mats that can be machine washed are actually 'recharged' by the process, in other words they get better with each wash! However you can also look after your doormat by brushing, shaking and regular vacuuming. You can also use a wet cloth to clean the rubber edge around the mat and if you want it to look particularly lustrous, a small amount of olive oil on a paper kitchen towel rubbed around the rubber edge makes your doormat look like new!

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1200 x 800mm
800 x 600mm

Please Note : sizes of pre-made doormats are approximate only, if size is critical please contact us before making your purchase and we can advise on the exact measurements of your mat.

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