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Made to Measure Printed Door Mat

Made to Measure Mats...

How to order...

1. Select Mat Backing Material
Choose from a Traditional Coir or durable PVC Backing* for the underside of your mat. The traditional backing is our hand stitched coir doormat option.
* Please Note: Both these matting styles are suitable for indoor use only

2. Select Size of Mat**
Type in the size of mat you would like in MILLIMETRES. As a guide here are the maximum sizes available for each mat thickness, both Traditional & PVC Backed - Note: when ordering sizes are in millimetres:

Coir Backed Mats

  • 25mm - 2m x 10m
  • 30mm - 2m x 10m
  • 35mm - 2m x 10m
  • 40mm - 2m x 10m
  • 45mm - 2m x 10m

PVC Backed Mats

  • 17mm - 2m x 12m
  • 20mm - 2m x 12m
  • 24mm - 2m x 12m
  • 30mm - 2m x 10m

Please be aware: If you are ordering a made to measure traditional backed coir mat to fit a mat well, undersize each measurement by 6mm to allow the mat to spread; e.g. for a mat well measuring 1m x 1m, you should order a mat size of 994mm x 994mm.

** Please Note: these are roll sizes available in each thickness to give you a guide however if a larger mat is required (ie: 3m x 3m) we are able to hand stitch joints between mats. For VERY large mats, please contact us first for assistance. All mats are subject to availability.

3. Select Printing if Required
Customise your mat with some text, a logo - or maybe even both!
Please Note: we are unable to fit logos onto mats smaller than 680 x 400mm. All of our characters are one font and size only. All text is printed centrally in black block capitals and logos in black ink.
Also, the average letter size when printing lettering onto a mat is 100mm in height and 90mm in width, therefore only a certain amount of text can fit into each line of a mat, depending on the mat dimension, e.g. 'WELCOME' would require a minimum mat width of 680mm. If any assistance or advice is required, please feel free to contact us
If for any reason the entered text and/or logo will not fit on the mat size you have ordered we will contact you via email once we have processed the order with alternative options for the layout, text or mat size.
4. Mat Orientation
Let us known which way round you want your text/logo to appear...

Landscape Mat Portrait
Landscape Portrait Mat
5. And Finally!
You have now selected your Made to Measure Mat, it's time to click the BUY button!

Made to Measure Printed Door Mat

This page allows you to create a truly custom mat allowing you to input your choice of size, thickness and even mat backing as well as your own personalisation including your own text and a motif too! 

Choose from a traditional, hand stitched, made to measure doormat or a cut to size PVC backed coir doormat.

Size of printed text: approximate height of each character is 100mm (10cm) and the average width of each character is 90mm (9cm).  

1. Select Backing Material

Please select the material for the underside of your mat.


PVC Backed

  • Natural (Coir Colour)
2. Printing

While customising your mat, you can opt to include both text and a graphical logo to spice up the design. Please note that included text is priced at £2.00 per character, and is printed in black uppercase lettering. You can also add a logo for an additional cost of £15.00 to the mat's total price.

I'd like to include a logo on my mat. (+£15.00)

I'd like to include text on my mat. (+£2.00/letter)

3. Logo Image

3. Text

Enter a string of text that you would like to include on your mat.

Allowed characters: A-Z 0-9 & ! ' - , .

3. Select Size

Please select the thickness of your mat.

Please type in the desired dimensions below.

mm (millimetres)

mm (millimetres)

Please note: sizes are +/- 3mm tolerance

4. Orientation

Please select the orientation of your desired mat.



5. Final

Our Price

Please Note : sizes of pre-made doormats are approximate only, if size is critical please contact us before making your purchase and we can advise on the exact measurements of your mat.