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Superior Plain Coir Stitched Edge Doormat - 770mm x 470mm

Our Price £23.99

Superior Plain Coir Stitched Edge Doormat - 770mm x 470mm

Superior quality Coir Brush Doormat with Traditional Stitched Edges... BRILLIANT VALUE!!!

Mat Dimensions : 770mm x 470mm
Available Thickness : 45mm

Premium quality coir doormat with traditional stitched/braided edges. Made from 100% all natural, renewable resources.

Features :

  • Made from natural Coconut Coir Fibre
  • Tightly woven, heavy-duty doormat
  • Very good water absorption
  • Traditional stitched / Braided edges
  • Traditional Coir Backing
  • Plain Unprinted Finish
  • For indoor use only (also porches & covered doorways)

Superior Stitched Edge Door Mat

As the name suggests this is our superior coir mat with a 45mm super thick, tightly woven pile all finished with a machine stitched, natural jute edging. As with our standard and economy doormats, the superior stitched edge mat is made from 100% natural sustainable materials which are fully biodegradable. This makes our superior mat a perfect balance of being able to have a top quality product that is still environmentally friendly and can be disposed of ethically at your local green refuse site or even placed into a compost bin… the all-natural fibres will fully biodegrade. For this reason as with other coir mats, we recommend these for indoor use only.

See our Synthetic Coir Matting for an outdoor, weatherproof alternative to natural Coir

Category: Coir Doormat
Colour: Coconut Brown
Material: Natural Coconut Coir Fibre
Width: 470mm
Length: 770mm
Depth (thickness): 45mm
Use: Indoor and covered area use only

The best way to look after your Coir Doormat and to keep them looking their best is to brush, vacuum or shake them regularly in order to remove all dirt and residue from building up in the mat and on the surface. This will help to freshen and tidy up the appearance and stop the fibres from binding together. If your Coir door mat becomes waterlogged, it's a good idea to shake off excess water or even wipe with a dry cloth. If your mat becomes particularly grubby or smelly you can also use a dry cleaning powder product to help restore the colour & freshen. First, give the mat a good vacuum then, sprinkle the cleaning powder (or a mixture of baking soda & cornstarch works too) over the mat, agitate with a stiff brush & then vacuum out after 30 minutes.

Our Price

Please Note : sizes of pre-made doormats are approximate only, if size is critical please contact us before making your purchase and we can advise on the exact measurements of your mat.

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