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Are the doormats suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

We advise against the use of doormats made from natural coir for outdoor purposes. Coir, being a natural product, is susceptible to biodegradation when exposed to moisture, such as from rain puddles or extended water exposure. To extend the lifespan of coir products, we recommend using them indoors or in partially sheltered areas, like a covered porch way.

Our needle punch and synthetic matting is best suited for indoor or semi-exposed areas. While the fibres on the matting do not degrade like natural coir, it's important to note that the backing may weaken over time if exposed to prolonged water or moisture, potentially shortening the lifespan of the mat.

The rubber mats and coir and wire mats we offer are designed with both indoor and outdoor use in mind. Their construction features efficient drainage spaces and sturdy, heavy-duty rubber materials. This combination ensures that they can withstand various environmental conditions and provide reliable performance wherever they are placed.

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