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Do the bristles shed?

As coir is a natural product, it is essential to understand that the fibres will naturally shed over time due to regular use. During the initial few weeks of use, you may observe a slightly higher rate of shedding, which is entirely normal and to be expected. It is a natural characteristic of coir mats. However, as the mat settles in and as you continue to use it, the shedding will gradually decrease and occur at a slower rate, in line with the natural wear and use of the mat. This shedding process is an trait of the material and does not compromise the functionality or longevity of the coir mat.

Our synthetic matting and needle punch matting are designed to maintain minimal shedding during use. While it is normal to notice a few fibres falling out in the initial days or weeks, this is from the cutting process of the mat and should not persist over time.

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