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How to look after and care for doormats?

The care and maintenance of a natural coir doormat is essential to prolong its lifespan and keep it looking its best. Ensure that it remains dry and is kept indoors and minimise exposure to excessive moisture or harsh weather conditions. In addition to keeping the doormat dry, regular maintenance is key. Shaking or brushing the surface of the coir mat often is recommended. This effectively removes dirt, dust, and loose coir fibres, thus preventing the build-up of debris that could compromise the appearance and functionality of the mat.

The synthetic coir matting options we offer are designed to be significantly less prone to shedding compared to natural coir options. This makes them a practical and low-maintenance choice. To keep them clean and well-maintained, there are several simple yet effective procedures that can be followed. Regular brushing or vacuuming of the mat will help remove any accumulated dirt or debris. Additionally, shaking the mat outdoors will help to dislodge any loose particles. In the case of more stubborn dirt or grime, the mats can be hosed down, but it is important to ensure that they are fully dry before placing them back in their intended location.

Our needle punch matting options should be hoovered regularly to effectively remove the accumulation of dirt and debris. In cases where a more thorough clean is required, hosing it down can help remove dirt from the matting. However, it is crucial to allow the matting to completely dry before reinstallation.

Rubber, rubber and coir, or coir and wire mats should be shook regularly to dislodge any accumulated dirt, dust, or debris. Sweep or vacuum underneath too. Additionally, washing the mats when necessary can help to remove ingrained dirt and stains, restoring their appearance and functionality. After washing, it is important to allow the mats to thoroughly dry before placing them back.

Our washable doormats can go in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. Do not use fabric softener or chemicals as they can damage the mat. After washing, it's important to lay them flat to air dry. Ensure that they are fully dry before relaying.

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