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Can I have a custom logo?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer the ability to print custom logos onto our coir doormats. We do provide a selection of motifs and logos that are available for printing. You can explore the range of options on our printed mat product pages, where you'll find a variety of designs to choose from. If you're interested in standard size printed mats, you can click here to view our collection. For custom size printed mats, you can explore by clicking here.

We offer the possibility to engrave our synthetic woven style coir mats with custom designs or logos. These mats have a maximum size of 700 x 500mm. To place an order for one of these bespoke mats, simply reach out to us via email, attaching the specific design you would like engraved. Upon receiving your request, we will assess its feasibility and get back to you. In the event that certain adjustments are necessary to adapt the design for engraving, we will collaborate with you to create a customised mat that meets your preferences.

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