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Where can I find doormats that can be personalised?

Whether you have a standard-sized doorway or require a made-to-measure solution, we have you covered. Our custom size printed coir mats can be personalised to fit your specific space, ensuring a perfect fit and a personalised touch that will impress your guests or customers. You can explore the range of custom size options available on our website at

In addition to our made-to-measure offerings, we also provide an array of standard sized printed coir mats suitable for various doorways. These mats come in a range of designs and can be conveniently purchased through our website at

Furthermore, for those seeking an alternative to traditional coir mats, we offer personalised laser engraved synthetic coir mats. These mats, available at, feature the same durability and functionality of coir mats while offering a different aesthetic with laser engraved designs.

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