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Making a Coir Doormat... From Start to Finish in 214 seconds (not really)!

Doormats4You are one of just a handful of UK companies that can make bespoke, handmade coir doormats to whatever size and shape you require in-house. Our Mat Maker is an incredibly skilled artisan who has been hand-stitching coir doormats for well over 30 years, which probably makes him THE most experienced Coir Mat Maker in the country.

How long does it take to make a mat?

Well, like the saying goes - how long is a piece of string?!?! It really does depend on the size of the mat, the shape and if the mat is braided around the edge or not? Many of our coir mats are pre-sized and others have a PVC backing (which can be cut-to-size very quickly). But when it comes to traditional braided edge coir, well the larger the mat - the longer it will take to make!

A large, braided edged doormat like the one in the video below takes around an hour to cut and stitch. However through the magic of video, we can squeeze the whole process into a little over three and a half minutes... enjoy!

If this has inspired you to have a traditional handmade coir doormat made to your requirements, please contact us for more information or take a look at our full range of coir doormats.