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Decorative Wash Mat - Hello Welcome

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Decorative Wash Mat - Hello Welcome

A fantastic decorative wash mat with 'HELLO , welcome text design. They are incredibly absorbent and able to trap dirt and water like magic! This wash mat has a flexible rubber backing to prevent slips and skidding even on hard floors! Amazingly these wash mats actually become MORE EFFECTIVE with each and every wash, meaning not only do you get easy to clean mats but each time you wash them, they perform better too!

Mat Dimensions : 750mm x 500mm
Available Thickness : 8mm

Features :

Decorative Wash Mats

Our range of decorative mats come in a huge range of sizes, colours, styles and feel. Made from super soft microfibers with a flexible anti-slip backing making them safe to use on hard floors with no worry of slipping. All our decorative mats are machine washable at 30°C and amazingly each time you wash them it actually improves their performance! From funky designs and daring prints to luxurious velvet finishes there are so many great designs you may just run out of places to put them!

Category: Decorative Washable Mat
Colour: Grey
Pattern / Design: ^Hello Welcome^ design
Material: 100% polyamide
Width: 500mm
Length: 750mm
Depth (thickness): 8mm
Backing: Anti-slip microflex back ™ flexible backing
Use: Indoor use

Keeping your decorative mat looking it’s very best takes a few easy steps. Firstly we recommend at least once a week giving the mat a brush to bring up the pile as well as a good shake in the garden. Running your vacuum over the mat will not hurt whatsoever, just be careful when you are near the edges otherwise it might disappear! Decorative mats can be spot cleaned too with cool water or with a proprietary spot cleaning spray, just patch test & follow the instructions! And finally if your mat needs a good clean you can actually machine was them at 30°C. Amazingly when these mats are machine washed, they actually become more efficient at grabbing dirt!

The best way to dry these decorative mats is to ensure they are laid flat, either on a washing drying rack, hanging off a trouser clip hanger or washing line etc. We recommend the mat is NOT dried on a non draining surface as the back will not dry. We would also not recommend laying on or over a radiator as the heat could damage or dent the backing.

Its important to ensure the vinyl or rubber backing is fully dry before re-laying the mat as the back can start to deteriorate.

Our Price
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Please Note : sizes of pre-made doormats are approximate only, if size is critical please contact us before making your purchase and we can advise on the exact measurements of your mat.

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