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Can you produce custom shaped mats?

Yes, we can create custom shaped mats according to your specifications. Whether you require traditional backed coir matting, PVC backed coir matting, woven and brush style synthetic matting, or needle punch matting, we have the expertise to craft the perfect solution for your needs.

When it comes to creating custom shape mats, we require a template for the specific shape desired. If the shape is relatively straightforward, a simple sketch or diagram containing precise measurements is often adequate for us to craft the mat. However, in the case of more intricate shapes or doormats that involve tapering, we may require a physical template of the mat area. These templates can be made from materials such as old newspaper, wrapping paper, wallpaper, or anything you have to hand. This ensures that the resulting mat is tailored exactly to your specifications, promising a perfect fit and functionality.

To order a custom shape mat, you can send us an email with photos of the space and a sketch of the required mat; try to provide as much detail as possible (every measurement etc.). A photo of the space is not necessary but it can help for context. We want to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your requirements so that we can effectively advise on the suitability of the provided diagram or if a physical template will be necessary.

Our synthetic matting, needle punch matting, and PVC backed coir can be cut by yourself to fit an odd-shaped space or mat well if you'd prefer. Just order the two largest measurements of your space or a few millimetres more. This way you can trim it to fit the area using a sharp Stanley knife.

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