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Is coir always the same colour?

No, natural coir can vary in colour. When it comes to natural coir products, the variations in colour are part of the charm and authenticity of the material. Embracing the natural imperfections and unique hues adds character to each mat, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

The manufacturing process of coir mats involves extracting fibres from coconut husks and weaving them into matting. Due to this natural origin, it's normal for the colour to display subtle discrepancies across different mats and production batches. Factors such as the maturity of the coconuts, climate conditions during harvesting, and even the weaving technique employed can influence the final colour result.

When it comes to coir, this natural fibre is no exception to the effects of sunlight. Over time, the colour of coir can gradually fade due to continuous exposure to sunlight similar to the fading experienced by other fabrics.

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